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At Precise Business Solutions, we believe the most important part of business is responsive, quality and friendly service. Being accurate, efficient and consistent is what separates us from the competition as a managed IT services provider. We take pride in being responsive and providing friendly 24/7 customer service.

Our goal is determining your company’s technology needs, and then managing the solutions to achieve your goals. Not only can it be a challenge from your real job of running and growing your business, but it becomes an unwelcomed distraction. That’s where Precise Business Solutions comes in as a managed IT services and digital marketing provider because our aim is to relieve you of the stresses and strains of technology.

Our business model is tailored to small and medium sized businesses, to help keep costs low and maximize profitability. We specialize in the efficiency and growth of your business. Our team consists of motivated, high achievers committed to delivering unsurpassed service to a wide range of industry verticals. Even more, we maintain a disciplined approach to IT and digital marketing services and provide top tier IT support, IT security and many other services at superior value.

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IT Services

First of all, waiting hours for an IT tech, then paying for the privilege when your systems go down are gone! Get flat-fee proactive management to fix problems before they arise. Precise sees the issues and resolves them before they become an issue for your operations. We can help your business with IT support, IT Consultation, Managed IT Services, Cloud Server Solutions, On Demand IT Support and many more.

Web Development

Unlike most IT providers, when you need Web Design, a marketing agency is your only option. Of course, in doing so, you end up paying high prices for decent product. However, using Precise not only cuts cost but gets you the web design and web development you desire.

Digital Marketing

Your business is unique, therefore, your digital marketing requirements are as well. Precise digital marketing services ensures you have the research and proper focus necessary to run a profitable campaign. We take a unique approach to digital marketing efforts. Our team of marketing experts can assist with a wide variety of services. Services provided are SEO, SEM/PPC, SMM and many others to list.


By using Precise for your VoIP needs, ongoing telco cost savings will be significant and so will the cost of buying, expanding and maintaining your phones. We provide a managed VoIP service which will help your business focus on growing, instead of maintaining. Most of our clients have seen an 80% decrease in phone costs for the lifecycle of their business.


Precise Business Solutions has been providing quality products and installation of reliable communication infrastructure solutions for today’s ever-changing networking environment. Precise sets the industry standards for seamless local, regional, and national products, services, and safety.

Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is a vital component of modern business operations. It ensures businesses have effective connectivity, communication and management between users, equipment, and external networks. Non the less, it is key to have a network provider that has experienced network infrastructure engineers. Precise has just that, so look no further for a trustworthy provider.

IT Equipment

IT Equipment means computers, including mainframes, servers, desktop and laptop personal computers, networks, controllers, modems, communications and telecommunications equipment (e.g., voice, data and video), cables, storage devices, printers, terminals and other peripherals. Yes, Precise is the right place for guidance on IT equipment. Visit our online IT equipment store today!

Audio & Video Products

Are you looking to share your audio-video presentations from your BYOD or mobile device across different types of displays and projectors? Do you need to expand your current setup by adding more displays or wireless connectivity, or connect at further distances? At Precise, whatever your needs, we offer a wide variety of solutions to assist you with your content delivery and collaboration demands.

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We have a wide variety of server selections on our online store or you can fill out a request form for a custom built server to meet your needs.
A big selection of routers, switches, wireless access points and many more from top manufacturers.
If you are needing IP phones or just have questions regarding or PBX systems, Precise is your one stop for your IP phone needs.


Whether you’re looking for professional sound equipment or high quality video products, you can find everything you need at our online store. Browse equipment selections for home and commercial audio or video products


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